2021 Pickin’, Stompin’ & Sippin’

don't miss out on this years fun and making new memories in the vineyard on Saturday, Sept 11th 2021! Picking starts @ 7 am, come anytime before noon to pick grapes. Please let us know if your coming by signing up on our Facebook Event page.

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bottle of First Kiss wine

First Kiss

an Iowa white table wine

As the name implies, First Kiss embodies the subtle sweetness, intrigue, and anticipation of that unforgettable moment. Savor your first taste of this crisp, semi-sweet Frontenac gris, which offers fresh, clean aromas of citrus, apricot, and melon. Serve chilled 32-40° F. Enjoy anytime, with anything and anyone-and don't be surprised if it leads to another first kiss.

Porch Swing

an Iowa white table wine

This refreshing crisp Frontenac gris off-dry white offers fresh, clean aromas of citrus, apricot, and melon with just a hint of sweetness. Serve chilled 32-40° F. Enjoy anytime, with anything and anyone. We recommend a porch swing with a friend on an Iowa spring, summer, or fall evening. Sit back, sip and enjoy.

bottle of Porch Swing wine
bottle of Schoolhouse Red wine

Schoolhouse Red

an Iowa red table wine

This dry red leads with rich aromas of mixed berries and spices and has a finish that leaves you with a pronounced satisfaction that you are enjoying a wine that has captured the true essence of the cold-climate red wine grape Marquette. Enjoy with any hearty, rich meal, an after-dinner selection from the humidor, or a good book and a fire. Age at 55-60° F. Serve at room temperature for full flavor and aroma.

Frontenac gris

an Iowa white table wine

This refreshingly crisp dry white offers fresh, clean aromas of citrus, apricot, and melon. Serve chilled 32-40° F. Pairs perfectly with a warm summer's day.

bottle of Frontenac Gris wine
bottle of "Semi" Sweet Lou wine

"Semi" Sweet Lou

an Iowa red table wine

This semi-sweet, full bodied Marquette red is named after an angel in the shape of a woman dear to many. A wife, mother, sister, daughter, grandma, great grandma, aunt, and best friend. Lazy Acre Vineyard was part of her vision. We wanted to capture and honor her essence in a wine that would put a smile on any face at first sip. To get the full story behind the name, visit with anyone that knew Darlene Lou Madson. Enjoy with friends and make a toast to those you love. Serve chilled 60° F or below.

est. 2013

our story

Lazy Acre was the name given to an acre of land carved out of the family farm Glenn & Evelyn Dahl built a home on in 1967. This acre soon became a gathering spot for family and friends and over the years grew into over a dozen acres with timber and a pond. In 2012 Steve, Kerry, Dennis and Darlene (Dahl) Madson shared a dream of planting a vineyard and someday building a winery. The first trellis posts were "planted" in the fall of 2012 and a vineyard was planted in the spring of 2013 with Frontenac gris and Marquette grapes and the second vineyard was planted in 2015. Lazy Acre Vineyard began to produce estate wine from its grapes in 2017. Construction on the tasting room began in 2018.

The land that Lazy Acre Vineyard sits on has been in our family for over five generations and has been "home" to friends and family for just as long.

Our goal is to continue to make Lazy Acre Vineyard a place where everyone feels welcome, leaves with a joyful heart and a desire to return. Come and enjoy great wine, good friends, and family. Make memories while taking a stroll through the vineyard, through the woods or by the pond or simply just enjoy being lazy.

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